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Harrington Business Group ConsultingHBG, Inc. has diversified holdings that include sales, service and manufacturing businesses. Our consulting and project work is based on bringing the lessons learned in our own businesses to our clients. Whether you are putting together a new business, expanding an existing enterprise or seeking assistance to solve problems we can help. Please e-mail us at david@harringtonbusinessgroup.com and will do our best to guide you in putting the business puzzle together.

About David Harrington

The President of HBG, Inc., Mr. Harrington has had a varied andDavid Harrington extensive career in the business world. He has more than three decades of experience ranging from major international corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups. Mr. Harrington has a track record of success in technical, financial, sales managerial and executive roles. He has been the owner of several successful businesses and continues to develop new ventures.
Mr. Harrington has post-graduate degrees in engineering and business and is a Certified Manufacturing Systems Engineer. He has written several publications including manufacturing for quality in process and products. He developed the PRS (Profitable, Repeatable, Scalable) business methodology and is actively involved in consulting and implementation of PRS practices.
His enthusiasm and drive, combined with a practical and proven approach to business, have made Mr. Harrington a sought-after advisor.  

Profitable, Repeatable, Scalable

At HBG, Inc., we have started, owned and developed many businesses. Not all were successes, we wouldn't have learned the hard lessons if they had been. In nearly every case, the businesses that enjoy the greatest success fit the PRS model. What does a PRS business look like?

  • The business is profitable and knows where that profit comes from. Costs, pricing and cash flow are well-managed.
  • The business is able to repeat profitable transactions while minimizing unprofitable elements. Operations and systems are established and implemented to ensure consistent performance.
  • The business is able to grow or contract (scale up and down) while protecting earnings. Expansion, product evolution and continuous improvement are possible with minimum risk. No Silver Bullet Solutions

We are not claiming to have a "silver bullet" answer for your business. It has been our experience that no software, sales system, or "quick fix" methodology will actually work for everyone. Our consulting process is based on finding the best tools for your needs and working with you to develop and implement effective systems that will give real world results during all phases of your business.

Rates, Availability, Contact

Rates are flexible depending on your needs. In some cases, our rates are tied to specific performance benchmarks. Our process is to learn about your business and needs, assess conditions and offer a program of services and rates.
Availability is limited as we maintain some responsibilities with our own businesses. We work on a contract basis that varies in length and matches with current workloads.

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Solving the Business Puzzle

Solving the Business Puzzle

We understand the struggles involved in putting together the complex puzzle of a business. We offer business consulting, analysis and project/contract work to build and grow your business.