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The Business Puzzle - Putting the Pieces Together

HBG Business Podcasts

HBG, Inc. presents 'The Business Puzzle' in the form of a live podcast at TalkShoe. We invite you to join in with our live discussions of business topics or listen to current or past episodes. If you would like to receive e-mail reminders of upcoming episodes, please let us know.

Archive of The Business Puzzle Episodes

 CLICK HERE to listen to Steve Stoup of Fidelity BankCLICK HERE to listen to Real Estate Investing with Charles Cox Jr. CLICK HERE to listen to Jimmy Vee and Traivs Miller talk about Gravitational Marketing

Please click on the the links below to jump to past episodes.

Gravitational Marketing with Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

Real Estate Investing with Charles Cox Jr.

The Importance of Buzz

Meet the Inventor - Plastic Recessed Light Covers w/John Whitfield

Dealing With Poor Performance

Giving More "Life" to Your Employees

Starting Up a Business on a Shoestring Budget

Doing Business Outside the USA

Do Business Meetings Have a Personality?

Communicating Your Business Magic Number

Marketing - the 3 Rules & One Question

Business Analysis -Important vs.Background

The Perfect Sales System

Business Banking with Steve Stoup of Fidelity

Accounting For Non-Accountants Six

Accounting For Non-Accountants Five

Accounting For Non-Accountants Four

Accounting For Non-Accountants Three

Accounting For Non-Accountants Two

Accounting For Non-Accountants One

Business Peer Groups with John Palen of Allied Executives

Business Networking

Testing Your Business Plan

Working With a Pro Forma Profit & Loss Statement

Flowcharting Your Idea/Plan

Spreadsheets - The "Working" Part of a Business Plan

Taking the First Steps to Plan a Business

Can Your Idea Make Money?

It Starts With an Idea - Find a Need and Fill it

Overview of The Business Puzzle

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